Getting Back to Basics pt. II

The second most popular question we receive at Intuitive Group is..  “Do I need to get my certification, isn’t being a small business enough”? The answer to the question is — It depends on how your customer buys your product or service. Before determining which socio-economic status fits best with your business, you first need […] Read More

Back 2 Basics_Agency Research

So whenever my staff and I are out doing a workshop, one of the most frequent questions I get is “The government buys so much, where do I start looking first?”. Well I always think this question is “loaded”, so my initial response is, “Have you identified which agency is buying what you are selling”? […] Read More

SmallBiz Strategic Partners

Creating a Match Made in Heaven Strategic Partnerships for Small Business Cohesive business partnerships typically don’t happen in a day, but itdoes not mean they’re not attainable. Small businesses are doing their homework when it comes to teaming up with other businesses. They are looking for mutually beneficial relationships that can open up additional opportunities […] Read More