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How Government Uses Social Media to Reach the Public

With much of the population going social, methods for how the government uses social media has also changed over the years. It makes it easier for the public to get instant access to information and updates, creating a huge impact on how government does its business.  Government contracting has even seen shifts in how social […] Read More
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Using Social Media to Win Government Contracts

Believe it or not, several government agencies now have a social media presence and as a result, are driving government contracting businesses to start using social media to win government contracts. Social media has changed the way government does its business. Agencies are now engaging with the public and create vast amounts of data available for […] Read More

Using Social Media to Connect with Government Customers

Today,  social media is not just a platform to keep up with family or friends, or to be updated with what’s going on in the world. In fact, social media have gained the reputation of being a powerful business tool. Small and large businesses use it to promote their businesses, get in touch with prospective […] Read More

Top Government Contracting blogs

There are some really good helpful blogs out there. So who are some of the ones that stand out? Well, we thought we would take some time and list some of our favorites. They are in no particular order: (articles) (have to be a member) […] Read More