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Proposal writing for the non-writer (part 2)

In the previous blog post,  we discussed the importance of proposal writing as a critical aspect of government contracting success. But proposal writing is essential for every type of business, whether you do government contracting or not. Commercial companies too have proposal requirements. They tend to be a little less stringent or formal, but for […] Read More

Proposal writing for non-writers (part 1)

Comprehensive, thoughtful responses to government solicitations are the key to winning bids.  But with all the competition and complex requirements, some contractors never make the final cut and are inevitably left on the sidelines. The real question is:  “How do you create a winning government proposal that not only tells your story but also makes […] Read More
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5 tools to help you manage your government contracting business

One proven way to penetrate the government contracting landscape easily is to know where you should focus your time and attention.  Investing in tools that help keep you focused is just as important as the pursuit itself. So, what top tools can you use to streamline?  Take a look at a few we think are worth […] Read More