Why Your Pricing Should Not Be an Afterthought

With the recent improvements to online domain experiences, more and more small business owners have started to manage aspects of their businesses using web-based tools. As modern media and marketing continue to merge over the internet, so have other vital operational areas of business management. It’s not easy keeping up with the latest developments and […] Read More

Why Investing in A Proposal Content Library Can Save You Money

Drafting a proposal in time to meet a tight deadline can become overwhelming, especially if you are relatively new to government contracting. Because proposal development can be difficult and time-consuming, it’s important to equip yourself and your team with the best tools available before going for the gusto.  Having an understanding of important key elements […] Read More

Pricing Tools for Small B2G Businesses: Uncovering the Math Mystery

B2G (business to government) companies need to stay competitive in order to consistently win bids.  It can be especially difficult for small government contractors to not only maintain their competitive edge but also invest in business development technologies as they hit the market. To stay on top in the GovCon game, you need to be […] Read More