How To Create A Better Buyer

Have you ever had to pre-play an event in your mind to ensure a successful outcome? I was finishing up a workshop when one of the participants came up to me and asked for my card.  I politely gave them one, packed my stuff and headed back to the office.  As I was replaying the day’s […] Read More

Enhance Your Customer Experience

I’m on my way back home from a skiing vacation, it’s winter – heavy snow season and I’m coming from Canada.  Yep, I was destined to be stranded. Haha!  I walk up to the counter of Air Canada to find out about the status of my flight and connection in Toronto and was told “Ms. […] Read More

Freelance Your Way to a Government Contract

Were you aware that you can perform government contracting as a solo-preneur?  That’s right, you don’t need to have a fancy office, a big staff or even a business infused with lots of capital in order to pursue government contracts.  Although the qualification process for bidding on government projects can prove to be daunting at […] Read More