A Note of Thanks for 2015

There is so much to be thankful for and 2015 has definitely grown the business in areas I never anticipated.  Since this is the season of giving and gratefulness, I would like to acknowledge your support and say thank you!  Be it surveys, workshops or page views, we are grateful that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to support our efforts.  We would also like to thank our staff and colleagues for their dedication, which has allowed us to flourish and prepare for an even better year.  2016 will be our best year yet.  Last but certainly not least are our customers — Thank you for your flexibility, accountability and support.  We are excited you have chosen us to champion your business and be a part of your government contract growth.  We look forward to your success!

Now before we close out the year, here are some government business development nuggets you should consider for 2016.  According to experts, government budgets will continue to decrease, but spending in information technology still shows some strong growth opportunities.  Government will continue to look heavily towards small businesses and commercial solutions, but  according to one study conducted by Market Connections, agencies are doing less face to face meetings in lieu of webinars, white papers and podcasts. That means government is taking a double look at companies that are producing content that educates, trains, or covers best practices.  So as you think about how you will continue engagements with your government customer…

What’s next for Intuitive you ask?  Well after reading your surveys and blog post feedback, we have been in the ‘lab’ creating solutions.  Here is just a peek of what we are perfecting for 2016:

  • iRIVAL Pricing Tool Software

  • 3-Part Video Series to help you refine your government pricing strategy

  • Online Interactive Pricing Course:  Pricing Principles  for Cost Proposals (Self-paced & Guided)

  • Interactive eWorkshop on Proposal Writing

  • Launch of a user friendly website which will house new template resources, video tutorials, training courses and webinars

Make sure you stay tuned for launch dates and other pertinent information.

As I have said before, this is an exciting time and we look forward to growing a successful partnership with you and your organization in the new year.  When YOU grow, WE grow.  Our mission is to continue to bring great content, engaging workshops and thought provoking ideas.  Everyone needs resources and we would like to be yours!

Have a wonderful holiday and here is to 2016!!



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