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#TacticalbidWins: Inbound Marketing for Capture Planning

Things have been on fire in the last couple of weeks! In the video, I explain a bit more about what I have been into.  But here I am back on track so that we can catch up. As you already know our goal is to help you excel in your business, so this time […] Read More

Top 5 Tips To Proposal Bidding Success

Everyone wants to know the ‘secret sauce’ as it relates to winning government proposal bids — but in reality, so few small businesses are doing what it really takes to win. Besides the obvious major challenges small business contractors face like small budgets, lack of resources, lack of information, there are other factors that are impeding […] Read More

How To Know If Your Bid Is Wired

I frequently get the question of “how do I know my solicitation isn’t wired for the competitor”.  Well, the simple answer is.. you don’t.  But before we start our analysis, let me pose this thought — Think about it – you have a favorite car mechanic and he/she consistently returns your phone calls, takes your […] Read More