Why Your Pricing Should Not Be an Afterthought

With the recent improvements to online domain experiences, more and more small business owners have started to manage aspects of their businesses using web-based tools. As modern media and marketing continue to merge over the internet, so have other vital operational areas of business management. It’s not easy keeping up with the latest developments and […] Read More

How To Research Prices For Your Next Bid

You are preparing your next bid but want to make sure your prices are within the realm of selection.  What do you do?  Where can you go to find pertinent information about previous purchases?  For the successful contractors, these are obvious questions, but for newbies, it may not be so obvious. In this video tutorial, […] Read More

You’re Pricing All Wrong: How to implement value-based pricing

If profit is at the heart of pricing, the question becomes what would you do to increase your margin while maintaining or enriching your customer experience?  Would you consider a different pricing model?  If so, would value-based pricing be an option for you?  If you are unfamiliar with value-based pricing let me explain what I mean. […] Read More

How Low Can You Go — Reducing Expenses the Right Way

As business owners, we are always faced with how we can be more competitive when proposing on government contracts.  There are many schools of thought on how to do this, but one thing is for sure; lowering your overhead can have a significant impact on your pricing which creates an opportunity for a competitive but […] Read More