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How to Create Content to Serve

In the digital marketing arena, content marketing continues to be one of the most effective lead generation strategies, especially for B2B and B2C companies. But how can content marketing help B2G companies? The fact is that government agencies do not function the same as B2B, or B2C companies. The Government’s goal isn’t to market products or services in the same sense as other businesses. As a matter of fact, many government websites are designed specifically to provide compelling content that meets their agency missions and educates the public. Nothing more.

While the main purpose of content marketing for government contractors shouldn’t be to sell, it is imperative that it engages and earns the trust of the readers or visitors.  A new effective way of engaging with agencies is to offer consultative, participatory information in accessible formats.  B2G companies should be using every tool at their disposal.  Tools like blogging, video, podcasting, webinars, whitepapers, and case studies are becoming more and more popular ways of disseminating content.  As a result, B2G companies are beginning to invest in the culture of the online innovation to push their messages, educate their customer and engage with content at all levels.

Why is Content Marketing an Important Aspect of a Strategic Plan?

This refreshing cultural change has led to the creation of some incredible content that is now supported by reliable content distribution strategies. Despite the fact that more and more B2G companies are now investing in content marketing, many of them have yet to develop a robust content delivery strategy.

According to the ContentMarketingInstitute, companies that have incorporated a documented content marketing approach into their strategic plan:

  • Consider themselves more efficient at content marketing.
  • Are less challenged by the many facets of content marketing.
  • Have found it easier to reach out to target audiences.
  • Can justify increases in marketing budgets.

Content marketing strategies can help B2G’s attract more subscribers and social media followers who are ready and willing to like or share content with their networks.

How to Create Government Interest Using Content Marketing

Government missions differ from that of public companies but the principles of content marketing can be applied to both sectors. Here are five tips that will help B2G companies generate government interest with the help of content marketing:

  • Understand the Needs of your Audience

Promoting content is all well and good, but you have to create something worth promoting first. In order to do this, you must identify the pain points of your government audience. A clear understanding of your audience’s media consumption habits, search behavior, needs, and desires, will let you know when, how, and in what voice you should speak to them.

We recommend using the OASIS model, which outlines a series of steps that will bring more clarity to planning campaigns: objective -> audience -> insight -> strategy -> implementation -> scoring.

  •  Keep it Simple

Government agencies desire to consume content that is easy to understand. Let’s face it their busy.  Make your content digestible and easy to engage and share.

Unless you are trying to reach out to a small group of experts, or highly technical audiences, you should tone down your language. You can check out the readability of your content using

  •  Promote Where your Audience is

Don’t live by the words “If we build it, they will come!”, this rarely happens. With millions of blog posts, podcasts and videos being published every day, and thousands of websites disrupting the experience of your users, attracting the right audience to your content requires more than wishful thinking.

Exceptional content must be promoted via social media platforms by using hashtags, posting in groups, hosting boards, creating presentations, etc. You can also reach out to relevant audiences through email, by commenting on other websites, or by extending help on community forums, etc.

  • Curate Relevant Content

It’s almost impossible to come up with great content all the time. Truth be told, there is no point in creating content that is already out there. You can help yourself and your audience by curating exceptional content from around the web. Internet users love it when you can make life easier for them, and if you start curating the best content online, there is no reason for them to go somewhere else for information.

  • Stories over Statistics

As much as we love statistics, we will never be moved by them. Compiling stories that connect with people on an emotional level is going to win out every time.  You want your audience to “Do” something.

Take the 30-minute long Kony 2012 video as an example. It was viewed by over 100,000,000 people. The world too notices of it because it took statistics that everyone knew and turned them into a powerful story. If you can find a way to tell a story that resonates with your target audience, you will be able to push your agenda.

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