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How Government Uses Social Media to Reach the Public

With much of the population going social, methods for how the government uses social media has also changed over the years. It makes it easier for the public to get instant access to information and updates, creating a huge impact on how government does its business.  Government contracting has even seen shifts in how social media has made the procurement process much more transparent than ever before. This transparency has opened doors in order to foster more communication and transactions between government agencies, contractors and the public at large.

Examples of how government uses social media to reach the general public

Improved accessibility to government information, events, and announcements are the primary results of increased social media visibility. Additionally, the methods of how the government uses social media to cater to the public interest are displayed in many forms.


Accessible Contact Information

 Official social media accounts of government agencies contain publicly shared contact details like telephone numbers, email addresses, and websites. This information once deemed “precious” and only published annually in the specific paid publications, are now listed free on sites like  These details contain direct links to telecommunications software like Skype, email software like Microsoft Outlook, and to the official website, which either opens on the same or new tab for you to instantly make that call, email, or website visit.


Downloadable Information

 Agencies have also created relevant downloadable public information, newsletters, and forms posted on their social media accounts and websites. You spend less time being transferred from department to department and now have the ability to access a form, article or regulation yourself.  Agencies are getting smarter about how to service the public and are using social media to enhance that experience.


Events Schedule

 The GovCon community is leveraging its business development dollars by being selective about what agency events it attends.  Organizations can now make informed decisions about the relevancy of an event and see who will be both speaking and attending a given event. Social Media allows interested parties to gauge event engagement and popularity without ever having to step foot in the event space.

Possible Contracts

The government understands that citizens and businesses spend time on social media so they are using these avenues to educate the public and contractors on what they are looking for or intend to purchase. This transparent strategy is proving to support better acquisition efforts, but also give contractors a better understanding of an agencies missions going forward.


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