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#TacticalBidWins: Reassessing your bid after the Q&A

This video came out of schedule because of something great; we just launched our Coworking Space CLOUT! Is a place where business owners, freelancers, and independent workers will be able not only to work there but also connect with other members of the community, support each other, do business together, participate in workshops and more!

I am really excited about this new venture! So if you are inVirgina, Maryland, Washington DC area, I look forward to seeing you there and share a cup of coffee with you :) You can check the website following this link:  I also encourage you to join our online CLOUT community to stay updated with the events that are coming up.

So, going back to the topic, in this #TacticalBidWins series week, we discuss how to reassess a solicitation after Q&A. I share with you insights on analyzing the government’s answer to evaluate your bid strategy and when to walk away from a bidding opportunity.

One last thing, If you want to know more about how to build a winning proposal we invite you to join our facebook group, there we will be sharing exclusive content that will help you to leverage your opportunities:  

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