Simple Tools to Help Your Proposal Writing Process 

October 12, 2017
01:00 P.M. Eastern Time

Proposal writing can be an expensive investment. Between the time it takes to pull all of the moving parts together, to the busted budgets that lead to nowhere, you need to have a streamlined response. A process that's not only compelling and compliant, but also easily repeatable. If you have been following our #TacticalBidWins series, you know we have covered the WHAT for various tools and tactics that assist in winning responses. But what you haven't learned is how you can incorporate these tools as a part of your proposal response. Well in this webinar, we are breaking it down to the bare essentials. We are prepared to show you the how with live examples and detailed explanations. 

Join our founder, Tami Mullen as she shares how her team uses these successful basic online tools and tactics that save them more than half the time to prep and more than 50% of winning results.
Tami Mullen, Founder
Intuitive Group & CLOUT Workspace
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This webinar has been created specifically for small businesses looking learn how to create compelling winning proposals for the public sector.  Created to give you a seat at the table, I am disclosing all of the winning tactics of successful large businesses use.  Yep — I'm spilling the beans.

By this end of this webinar you will learn:
Streamlined tactics that cut down your writing and editing time by more than 60%. 
 Use basic online tools to help you manage your team, proposal assignments & due dates. 
Create a go-to content library to decrease submission anxiety and increase efficiency.
Warning: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up, don't miss this opportunity, join us and start winning contracts.
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