Monthly Subscription Consulting and Support

Running a successful government contracting business takes tons of resources. We know this and that’s why we are here to assist.
We created iSupport to assist you in building your infrastructure and help you maintain it by leveraging existing tools and expanding their capabilities.

What we offer you

What is iSupport?

Is a monthly subscription service created to work as your virtual partner provider for tasks like contracts management, GSA Schedule maintenance, proposal content library creation, proposal templates, outlines, boilerplate, and matrices.

Why iSupport?

Designed specifically for companies ready to invest in building their government business development operations with virtual staff in lieu. So whether you require all of these services or some of them, iSupport is an option you should consider.

How it works?

The partnership program iSupport is a membership or retainer program. Each month you will receive a maximum of 20 hours of support per month for any of the services bellow. Each invoice will include a detailed report of activities and outcomes.




Developing proposals can be costly and cumbersome. iSupport is a great way to use Proposal Professionals to tackle proposal infrastructure projects like creating proposal templates, boilerplate, proposal content library, compliance matrices and pricing sheets. All the things you need to shorten proposal response times helping you save time and money on your pursuits.



Maintaining contract compliance should be a primary concern. Our iSupport offering allows you to access our Contracts Professionals to assist with preparing contract modifications, contract auditing support, administrative assistance and overall compliance health.  Simply put, we ensure you are optimizing your GSA Schedule contract to produce growth results.



For specific pricing information on our Technical iSuport Servicesplease feel free to download our pricing sheet here

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