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Using Social Media to Win Government Contracts

Believe it or not, several government agencies now have a social media presence and as a result, are driving government contracting businesses to start using social media to win government contracts.

Social media has changed the way government does its business. Agencies are now engaging with the public and create vast amounts of data available for collaboration. Before, the public and government contractors could only gain access to government agencies either through their official websites or formal meeting with officials. While the government’s openness and authenticity on social media are still called to question, it also brings positive changes specifically making it easier for businesses using social media to win government contracts.


What social media platforms do US government use?

There are two particular social media platforms that have made it as business-to-business tools in government contracting loops – Twitter and LinkedIn.  Facebook is not used often because it is more personal while Twitter and LinkedIn are more targeted and information-based making them well-suited for B2B and B2G engagement.

Don’t you think it’s time to start making the most out of using social media to win government contracts?

Can I Find Agency Intelligence From These Social Media Platforms?

Absolutely! Twitter and LinkedIn open up massive growth opportunities to businesses, giving the advantage of being in a group with common interests and getting firsthand information about what products or services government agencies are looking for.  Let’s take Twitter for instance. Updates on changes to government contracts are tweeted frequently besides being posted on agency websites as required by law.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has been amazing in terms of connecting government agencies and businesses. Large corporations use LinkedIn to establish B2G relationships with government agencies.  Social media has also simplified the communication process with the government. Given correct social media practices, businesses can swiftly get in contact with the right people from the government.

In short, using social media to win government contracts now comes in handy especially if your business is equipped with the right knowledge and skills.


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