5 Best Practices to Increase Proposal Productivity

I am convinced proposal writing is all about preparation. Preparing to submit a proposal for government contract considerations is one of those activities that sucks up a lot of time and money.  So the next time you are preparing for an opportunity, consider having a budget in mind. But don’t put a budget in place just for the sake of having one, you need to allocate a budget that is in alignment with your business development pursuits AND accounts for the time you will spend pulling the proposal together.  Be realistic with your numbers to get an accurate picture.  Getting focused on the small things can equal big wins.


Getting focused on the small things can equal big wins. Click To Tweet

Now in last week’s Facebook LIVE post, I discussed the 5 best practices proposal writers like myself use to increase our productivity.  Just in case you missed it, here is the replay.  Also, don’t forget we go Live on Thursdays with #tacticalbidwins as we discuss all things proposal writing.  Make sure you check in and back often.

For more insight on proposal writing and proposal development strategies for government contracting, I invite you to join our Facebook Group #TacticalBidWins, we share key information on how to consistently win at the game of government contracting.

Also, I’m sure you’d like to know that we’ll be having a webinar on September 20, 2017, where I’ll be discussing the tools that my team and I use and that will help you to streamline your proposal writing process. You can reserve your spot below. Hope to see you there!

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