5 Small Business Operation Hacks

  Managing your business operations is centered on having well-defined processes and procedures.  The strategic importance of a business’ operational systems ensures long-term successful business performance.  In fact, businesses that don’t often fail within the first 3 years. In other words — failing to pay attention to your business operations is like trying to download […] Read More

Think You’re Cut Out For Government Contracting?

The government contracting industry has been so big over the past 60 years that its annual accumulated spending is at $500 billion — the same reason why many labeled it as the fourth branch of government. Amidst former President Eisenhower’s warning about the influence of politics and economy to the government contracting arm, it still […] Read More

5 Myths About Government Contracting

If you are a government contractor, you know the challenges of spending money, time and effort when bidding on a contract. While there’s tons of helpful information on the web, there is just as much false information.  So in the spirit of “Myth Busting”, we thought it would be fun to challenge conventional wisdom when […] Read More