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#TacticalbidWins: Inbound Marketing for Capture Planning

Things have been on fire in the last couple of weeks! In the video, I explain a bit more about what I have been into.  But here I am back on track so that we can catch up. As you already know our goal is to help you excel in your business, so this time […] Read More

#TacticalBidWins: 5 Essential elements for cost proposal narratives

This week in our #TacticalBidWins series, I decided to move from the technical aspect of the proposal writing process to the pricing proposal because the pricing component, sometimes, can be the determining factor of whether your bid gets awarded or not. I share 5 valuable tips on how to write a cost narrative that makes […] Read More
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#TacticalBidWins: Reassessing your bid after the Q&A

This video came out of schedule because of something great; we just launched our Coworking Space CLOUT! Is a place where business owners, freelancers, and independent workers will be able not only to work there but also connect with other members of the community, support each other, do business together, participate in workshops and more! […] Read More
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#TacticalBidWins: Creating Past Performance That Stands Out

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post on the importance of submitting government proposal past performance data. I must say, I think I caused a lot of buzz around the topic because it was one of our most favorite posts. I decided to once again discuss the topic with more depth in our last week #TacticalBidWins, as […] Read More
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#TacticalBidWins: Last Minute Winning Bid Tips

If you are following the #TacticalBidWins series, you probably read the post the or watched the video where I discussed how proposal writing is all about preparation. In that video, I discussed 5 best practices to increase your proposal writing productivity, and I thought? How about the people who decide to jump in the bidding game […] Read More

5 Best Practices to Increase Proposal Productivity

I am convinced proposal writing is all about preparation. Preparing to submit a proposal for government contract considerations is one of those activities that sucks up a lot of time and money.  So the next time you are preparing for an opportunity, consider having a budget in mind. But don’t put a budget in place […] Read More

4 Things To Look For When Hiring A Proposal Consultant

You’ve made the decision for 2017 to invest some of your resources in pursuing government contracts.  You are focused and ready but are still unsure about what you actually need in terms of a good winning proposal professional.  So you reach out to a few colleagues, speak to a few consultants, but the right person […] Read More

Why Investing in A Proposal Content Library Can Save You Money

Drafting a proposal in time to meet a tight deadline can become overwhelming, especially if you are relatively new to government contracting. Because proposal development can be difficult and time-consuming, it’s important to equip yourself and your team with the best tools available before going for the gusto.  Having an understanding of important key elements […] Read More
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3 Simple tactics you can employ to stretch proposal dollars

Do you find it challenging to get a solid grasp on our proposal costs? Are you unsure about how to allocate your overall marketing dollars? Are you looking for creative ways to get more bang from your proposal budget?   Bid and proposal costs can be 8-15% of your organization’s overhead or up to 25% […] Read More

Top 5 Tips To Proposal Bidding Success

Everyone wants to know the ‘secret sauce’ as it relates to winning government proposal bids — but in reality, so few small businesses are doing what it really takes to win. Besides the obvious major challenges small business contractors face like small budgets, lack of resources, lack of information, there are other factors that are impeding […] Read More
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